Voting period:
2021. October 1 to 2021. October 31

Your opinion matters! This year, 15 companies will win the Lovable Workplaces Award based on the scores from the public vote!


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Lenovo All in One 1X
Lenovo All in One

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Heti Árnika Könyvesbolt
Könyvcsomag 1X Árnika Könyvesbolt
Heti Páva Vendéglő
Vacsora és Wellness utalvány 1X Páva Vendéglő
Vacsora és Wellness utalvány
Kolibri Finomság kosár 1X KOLIBRI
Kolibri Finomság kosár


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41. hét
Zoltan Balint
40. hét
Székely Evelin Valéria

Prizes will be drawn among the voters. If a voter casts at least 1 round of votes for several days (1 round of votes evaluates all 5 companies offered), they will be many times more likely to participate in the draw for the prizes. The names of the winners will be featured on the website! employees and relatives are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes.